November is American Diabetes Month and Delta Cares about our wellness. The Physical and Mental Health Committee would like to announce It’s time to GET REaDy for our 1st Red S.H.O.E CHALLENGE of the year!  The Red S.H.O.E challenge is the physical health component of Delta Care that encourages members to engage in healthy behaviors.  S.H.O.E is an acronym for Self-care, Healthy Options and Exercise.  The challenge will officially begin on Monday, November 1st and end Monday, November 22nd.

For the next few days, reflect on which areas of our lives need more attention so we can be our best, healthiest selves, Deltas who serve. Write down your thoughts and grab your accountability partner. Post or email your personal challenge goals and a photo of how you're starting, stopping or continuing a habit.


Use the hashtag #HACRedShoeChallenge. Email us and let us know how you’re doing at hacdsthealth@gmail.com


Goals are better achieved when they are documented, shared, and accompanied with support. After you have completed the inventory, identify and discuss your goals with your “Accountability Soror(s)”. Make a commitment to check in regularly to share success, potential obstacles, and give and receive encouragement.


Download the Start, Stop, Continue Personal Inventory sheet today: http://bit.ly/DeltaCareStopStartContinueInventory


November is American Diabetes Month.



It’s Time to Get Moving



Eating Right Doesn’t Have to Be Boring